You just can’t plan with a baby around….

Explain this to me: when my daughter sleeps in until 9:30am (!!!) she wants to nap again an hour and a half later, yet when she wakes up at 6:45am she doesn't want to nap that morning. If I woke up early, I'd need a nap! #babyschedulefail

Take my advice, kid:

I wish I could tell my daughter how much she'll want to be able to have naptime in a decade or two ... or three or four. Take a nap while you still can, dangit!!!

Scrub-a-dub-dub …

I'm pretty sure parents don't rush to teach their kids to drink from an open cup because of advice from the pediatrician - it's because they are damn sick and tired of cleaning the little parts on sippy and straw cups with a bottle brush and pipe cleaner ... a minimum of once a day!