Don’t pee in the tub, don’t pee next to the tub…

Baby bathing pro tip: don’t fill up the tub with your baby standing next to it. Turns out toddlers, like adults, feel the urge to pee when they see water running! Time to wash the bathmat….

5 thoughts on “Don’t pee in the tub, don’t pee next to the tub…

  1. Depending on your age when you’re standing next to the toilet and bathtub going to go potty is training so yes let them stand if the tub while you’re running water in there it’s just him to go to the potty work for all 3 of my kids


    • That’s great advice – thanks! I’ve heard that it also works to put your kids on your lawn (backyard, where no one can see them) with no diaper on (pants or no pants, I guess). They’ll figure out pretty quick what it means to pee! I’ll now try both approaches – with fingers crossed! I have about 9 months to wait, thankfully.


      • So you haven’t had your baby yet that’s cool we will all my good goodness its fun once you learn how to do it with your first child because of the thicket to her much easier but if you decide to have more than one kid good luck and have fun


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