Wake up, sleephead! #babynaps #wakeupbaby

I know I should be happy that my daughter is finally - finally, after two months of teething, a cold, and the flu - napping longer than 45 minutes ... but after 2 hours have passed, I find myself becoming restless and actually wanting her to wake up so we can play....

Awesome parenting landmark No.23 #diaperchanges #toomanydiapers

In the first few months after our daughter was born, my husband and I amused ourselves by counting the number of diaper changes we'd made based on the number of diaper boxes we'd bought. We patted ourselves on the back, congratulating our new-found parenting skills and expert wiping ability. But now, 18 months into this … Continue reading Awesome parenting landmark No.23 #diaperchanges #toomanydiapers