My problems with my toddler’s favorite books

After reading several of my 2-year-old daughter’s favorite books (which include some favorites of mine when I was young), I just have to gripe about some things. Lord, how did these get past their editors?!

  1. Why do we never know the boy’s name in The Cat in the Hat? We know his sister’s name is Sally! And why can’t we know the grumpy old thing’s name in Green Eggs and Ham? We know Sam! C’mon, Dr. Seuss!
  2. My husband and I decided Jan Berenstain wrote the words and Stan Berenstain illustrated the Berenstain Bears series (no idea if this is actually true) … because the books usually make Papa Bear out to be pretty stupid and sometimes demeaning of Mama Bear. Someone had a cathartic writing experience!
  3. On the same series … how in the world can two grown bears and two kid bears fit in a tree trunk?! Seriously … the interior illustrations of the tree house show way too much room – and what look like smooth, plastered walls.
  4. Okay, Shel Silverstein: you think a man can make a house out of a tree’s branches (re: The Giving Tree)? Didn’t your mother ever read The Three Little Pigs to you?!

I’m done … for now.


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