Ban Snaps! (On Baby Clothes)

I had been planning to become a teacher after my youngest baby starts kindergarten, but now I'm compelled to pursue a different career track: clothing designer for Carter's baby clothes TO FORCE THEM TO STOP PUTTING 50,000 SNAPS/BUTTONS/CLOSURES ON EACH PIECE OF BABY CLOTHES! Honestly, should it take 10 minutes to dress my baby in … Continue reading Ban Snaps! (On Baby Clothes)

Sarcasm Saves The Day

Am I the only mother who responds to some of the more ridiculous things my toddler says by using sarcasm in an earnest voice? It's seriously the only way I can stay sane some days. Example: 3yo: "I'm going to look in your dresser for a bra to play with, but I need to take … Continue reading Sarcasm Saves The Day

Sweet Memories Friday: Baby’s First Voice

My dear three-year-old still sounds, blessedly, like a baby. Despite speaking full, very articulate and generally well-pronounced sentences, her voice has that baby-ish lilt that makes her sound squishily cute even when she's saying things like, "I don't want to help set the table, momeeee!" But watching a video of her saying some of her … Continue reading Sweet Memories Friday: Baby’s First Voice