Sweet Memories Friday: Newborn poo

Ahh, the many delights of motherhood. The many sweet, sweet moments that make your heart literally squeeze out love. You think you’ll never forget those tender moments. And now every Friday I’m going to start remembering those sweet memories, honest or satirical, starting with this ….

As I changed a real doozy of a diaper from my almost seven-month-old – who started eating solids a few weeks ago – and tried to breath out of only my mouth, I remembered the subtle poop smell from my newborn, a whiff of lightly soured milk pretty much contained to a one-foot radius around her butt.

Now this fifteen-pound cutie pie can clear a room with that sh**! Ah, where has the time gone but for my memories?…..


2 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Newborn poo

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