Sweet Memories Friday: Baby’s First Voice

My dear three-year-old still sounds, blessedly, like a baby. Despite speaking full, very articulate and generally well-pronounced sentences, her voice has that baby-ish lilt that makes her sound squishily cute even when she’s saying things like, “I don’t want to help set the table, momeeee!”

But watching a video of her saying some of her first phrases makes my heart melt faster than steel under a welding torch. She said, “Winnie Poohey and da Blussery Dee” in a haltingly sweet, teeny tiny baby voice that I really wish she could still emit. Barely eeking those words through squeaks and slurs, she was cuteness personified.

She still is, but that first voice … unforgettably adorable, baby girl!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Baby’s First Voice

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