Sweet Memories Friday: Holding a Squishy Baby, Ahh….

She’s too old now (just seven months!) to be soothed to sleep by me holding her, and I miss it every night. Up until just a month ago – or was it a month and a half already? – she would nurse herself to sleep and I could ever-so-gently ease her off the nursing pillow onto her crib. After I spent a few minutes just staring at her cute, soft, smooth, peaceful, lovely, perfect baby face, of course.

When she was just a wee baby, up until maybe three months old, I would turn her sleeping body onto my chest and hold her upright for a good ten minutes. I’d argue that I was letting her digest her milk so she wouldn’t spit up after I laid her down (never mind the fact that she would be asleep at that point). But I’ll be honest: I just wanted to have those quiet ten minutes with her all to myself just so I could feel her in my arms, have her sleep in total comfort and security on my chest, and smell her sweet baby head.

Good thing I soaked up every minute of that glorious baby phase, because we moms know that time passes all too quickly….


4 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Holding a Squishy Baby, Ahh….

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