What Labor Day Means to Parents

Happy Labor Day!

To all the parents (us included) who celebrated this fabulous 3-day weekend with parties, I commiserate. No longer is a party just a party. Now a party is pretty much glorified babysitting. The party is now for the kid … because the parent spends most of the time:

  • Making sure the child (or children) isn’t wrecking the host’s house
  • Following around the child to catch crumbs and drips
  • Making sure the child doesn’t touch all the food set out, or sneeze on it, or flip a platter off the table
  • Changing diapers as necessary
  • Taking potty training child to the bathroom
  • Making sure the child is playing nicely with the other children present
  • Trying to get the child to eat at least something
  • Making sure the child isn’t just eating cookies all party long …

One day, maybe, hopefully, we adults can go back to having a real party again. What a dream to dream!!


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