Do They Nap in Katroo, Dr. Seuss?

Seriously, Dr. Seuss … you write great books, and our family LOVES you, but it’s clear you never raised children of your own.

In The Birthday Bird, you make it pretty obvious the kids in Katroo don’t take naps. Couldn’t you have taken a page – half a page, I’d have taken just half – to say Mr. Birthday Boy took a nice little nap after lunch so he had the energy (tantrum-free energy … let’s be clear here) to enjoy the rest of his birthday? Pretty easy to have done, sir. Could’ve kept us parents happy in perpetuity.

Just read The Birthday Bird to my newly three-year-old (happy birthday, my love!) before I laid her down for her nap. Nowhere in the book was there reinforcement she actually had to fall asleep on her birthday … and now I hear her restlessly shuffling about in bed via her monitor. I’m blaming you.

It’s a love-hate relationship we have, Dr. Seuss.


One thought on “Do They Nap in Katroo, Dr. Seuss?

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