If My Toddler Were an Adult, Part 2 – Peeing

The potty training saga continues … and now it’s combined with a bit of refusing to nap. Today was the several-th time in the past two weeks my darling toddler has peed and/or pooped while “trying to fall asleep.” Theory from husband and I? She’s rebelling against having to take a nap by messing up her bed so she won’t have to nap after all. (Haha, joke’s on her because we just clean her up, change the sheets, and lay her back down!)

My husband wonders if this would fly at work…. Say there’s a meeting he really gets sick of and wants to leave. So, he just pees his pants and says, “Oh darn, my pants have pee on them. I gotta go, guys!” Or maybe he just gets into work, sees a long list of emails already as he sips his coffee, and decides he just can’t handle the day. So he poops his pants! “Oh, sorry guys, I can’t do any work today, I gotta go home because I don’t have any clean pants or underwear here…” Nice try, bud!!


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