Parenting Now (Win!) Vs. 100 Years Ago (Kill Me Now!)

Sometimes, when I’m sitting with my 7mo at the boob, sucking quietly and giving me a few minutes to zone out, I think about parenting now in 2016 versus parenting 100 years ago. It’s kind of a competition to see if I feel more sorry for the 1916 mom or am just trying to hold back some laughter at what I think they must’ve gone through (and also laugh at some current over-the-top parenting goodies now).

Let’s see…

  • Moms used to clean up shitty diapers with … cloths they had to wash afterwards, I’m guessing? Puke city! Now moms have disposable wipes – sometimes warmed by a wipes warmer! (Waste alert on that last.) Pity wins here.
  • We have sound-emitting stuffed animals and white noise machines … they had thin walls to help their babies fall asleep. Laughter!
  • We have audio monitors (us!) and video monitors (the rest of moms everywhere!). Honestly, what the hell did moms do before monitors?!? Laughter wins again!
  • When in doubt if some piece of baby clothing is dirty, I just throw it in the laundry basket. Stuff gets worn once, period. Once I put my baby in the same PJs two nights in a row and I felt guilty (the horror!). Clean clothes are one quick wash cycle away…. In 1916? I’m guessing those clothes were worn til they were seriously dirty, because doing laundry back then … what a chore! I won’t even think about cleaning up after a blow-out…! Pity wins, FOR SURE.
  • We’re spoiled now, and so are our kids. Mine own fifty bazillion toys, and it’s still less than a lot of kids. Kids 100 years ago? Maybe 10 toys, right? Laughter! At least clean up time was easier for all involved….
  • As a cool SAHM in an awesome mommy group, I can drive anywhere during the week, and we do some pretty cool playdates, park dates, you name it. Way back then? They walked to … where? A friend’s house for a playdate? I kind of pity, kind of laugh.

Mostly, I recognize how damn lucky I am to be a mom in 2016!


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