The Great Rug-Toddler Solution

When our first child was about 1.5 years old, we bought a new rug to replace a flattened, worn-out, cheap IKEA rug. Thought it was a good idea to get a nice, pretty wool rug that would be soft under her feet – and her head when she fell!

Bad move.

Either we should’ve bought a second rug at that time to replace this one once our (now) two kids are over six years old and out of the “spill phase,” or we should’ve just bought another el-cheapo rug and not cared about:

  • Spilled milk, wine, or coffee (the second spilled by a clumsy and tired mama at night, and the third drunk by me and spilled by my toddler)
  • Spit up
  • Dirt etc drug in by my toddler’s shoes which she forgot to take off at the door
  • Pee or poop (the latter hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood!)

Lesson learned, mama.


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