Toddler and Baby: Trade Nap Lengths, Please!

My 7mo naps about 3 hours a day, like most babies her age. That’s 2-3 naps a day.

It’s great! I love it! And she needs it, being a baby still.

But my 3yo…. Nope, not a nap most days lately. (Are they coming to an end? Panic!!) But she needs it; she is a HUGE ball of crankies if she doesn’t have a little sleep after lunch. She suffers, I suffer (I die a little bit inside, every day). If she does nap, it’s about an hour.

I would, some days, gladly trade my baby’s 3 hours of napping for my toddler’s occasional nap of 1 hour. Seriously. Just to escape my toddler’s crankiness and tantrums just a few hours every day. Maybe my baby would get really fussy and cry … maybe. But at least I could calm her (theoretically) by holding her and/or putting her on my boob.

Is that mean to say? Maybe. But I think I do want to have them trade naps. Just for a week … that’s all I ask!

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