Kids and Nudity – Surpise!

There are a couple times when nudity surprises you (… my sister texted me a photo of a naked guy walking down her Miami Beach street during Gay Pride Week … I can never unsee that…), but as a mom I get pretty used to nude kids. Bathtime, getting dressed, kids refusing to get dressed … etc.

But when I walk into my 3yo’s bedroom to get her from a nap she obviously won’t take and she’s stark naked THAT is a real shocker. This has happened half a dozen times over the past month, and each time I really don’t know whether I should laugh, admonish her, or pretend it’s no biggie and just redress her.

The really funny thing is that she puts her clothes – including her underwear – on her stuffed animals! I think to myself, “Who really needs the clothes here – her buddies or her?”

Obviously this logical question is not one my toddler asks.

4 thoughts on “Kids and Nudity – Surpise!

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  3. I’m still laughing…OMG! (although, when I was a kid, not a toddler, I walked around nude after a bath and thought nothing of it {no idea why there} until my Mom finally said: “get some clothes on there girl!”) I guess clothes feel obstructive maybe? So weird…


    • That’s so funny! I wouldn’t have guessed!! But I think all kids just like to be naked, maybe because it is indeed more freeing. I like to be warm and have many layers on, but this kid says the cold doesn’t bother her.


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