Do All Grandmothers Think They’re Fairy Godmothers?…

… Because my kids’ grandmothers sure think that!

They appear out of nowhere bearing gifts for every occasion – or no occasion at all.

Those gifts are things you’d never dream of giving your kids – literally, I would never, ever consider giving my kids what these grandmothers sometimes choose (eg, extra-loud dress up heels).

They wave their magic wand and make my girls’ dreams come true, and therefore they think their grandmas are literally magical and the best time ever (and also therefore never want to do anything as mundane as, say, a nap while grandmas are around).

They disappear as quickly as they came, leaving exhausted yet hyped-up grandkids ….

Yet for all that griping, I love their grandmas – who bring happiness, love, and excitement to our house.

Even if I sometimes have to hide the crazy gifts sometimes – or just grin and bear it. I guess I’ll be in their shoes one day, God willing.


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