Sweet Memories Friday: Sisters on Swings

At the end of this summer, my 3yo and 8mo seemed to really grow closer together. They started paying attention to each other all day long, they smiled and hugged and kissed each other, and they started playing with the same things.

My favorite memory is from one of the last warm, sunny days when we were in the backyard on the swingset. My 3yo has graduated to the “big girl swing” – mostly because she can’t egress into and out of the baby swing anymore but partly so the baby has a place to sit – leaving the baby swing for my 8mo, who is finally big enough to stay upright during light swinging. Both girls love it!

At the moment, which is forever imprinted in my memory since I didn’t have a camera on me, both girls were swinging with the most pleasant, content faces on. Both were smiling – and they were even swinging in tandem! They were even both in pretty, clean, coordinated (unplanned) outfits! It was a truly happy mom moment. I think I was the happiest person out there, and I wasn’t even on a swing!

I hope this memory is just the first of many sisterly memories I’ll have of my two darling girls….


4 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Sisters on Swings

  1. This mental picture is beautiful, just seeing an empty swing set will trigger the warm feelings, and you mind’s eye will fill in the rest. Beautifully written.

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