Sweet Memories Friday: Quiet Times With Baby #1

Though I love my two girls – both snuggling with them singly and watching them play together – I really treasure the time that I had alone with my toddler back when it was just her and me alone during the day.

(It was … a quieter day!)

When she would wake up, I’d walk upstairs with her cup of milk and my big mug of coffee in preparation for a long morning of reading and playing together. We’d start off by reading a few books on her window seat. With just her in my lap, it was a cozy time for us to bond and read her favorite books (over and over and over again!).

No rushing around, no worrying about laughing or stomping too loud to wake a baby, and no modifying what my dear little toddler wanted to do in order to match what her sister needs. It was simpler and easier, in short.

I certainly wouldn’t trade baby #2, but I just fondly recall the time before she arrived. I hope daughter #1 and I appreciated it enough!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Quiet Times With Baby #1

  1. Aw… it’s nice to have some mom and daughter time. Soon baby will grow up and play with her. You will be able to read for both and cuddle with both 🙂 Just can’t guarantee quite times ahead, but they will certainly be beautiful and will continue to build you nice memories. 😊

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