Every Mom Needs … a Time-Turner!

So I’ve been thinking and thinking about how I can get everything done outside of parenting (writing, blogging, painting, showering, flossing … you know, the essentials) – especially since my darling 3yo toddler is napping about one day out of four. And I think I’ve coming up with a solution that’s slightly better for my health than pulling an all-nighter.

I need a time-turner.

Yes! I’ll still get all the sleep I need – maybe even more than I get now – and I’ll do all my chores and pursue my hobbies. Win win win!!!

I’ll just put the kids to bed as normal and get downstairs around 7:45pm, then do any needed cleaning/laundry/showering/etc. Then maybe I’ll write some, maybe I’ll watch some TV (wait, what’s TV?!), maybe work on that oil painting my husband commissioned, and stay up late to do so. Then I’ll get ready for bed and just twist my little time-turner appropriately – say three or four hours – and hop straight into bed for a slick eight hours in the land of Nod!

Sweet deal! I’ll wake up refreshed and maybe complete the draft of my next novel….

Now where’s my time turner, Hermione??


2 thoughts on “Every Mom Needs … a Time-Turner!

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