Sweet Memories Friday: Those Quiet (Boring?) Days

Now with a 3yo toddler and a 9mo baby (“baby”), things can get pretty hectic at home. Even when the baby is napping – which she is still doing three times a day – there is a lot to do between getting my toddler dressed and brushed and to the bathroom, plus doing some dishes and prepping the next meal if needed, and of course reading and playtime. Some days I feel like I only sit down to nurse the baby! (No wonder I feel sleepy sometimes when I do so….)

If I think REALLY hard I can remember back over two years ago when there was just baby #1 here and she would nap 1.5 hours in the morning, 1.5 hours midday, and half an hour in the late afternoon. For me, it was bliss! Don’t get me wrong: I loved playing with her, but those naps were a welcome break that, in retrospect, I’m not sure I quite enjoyed enough.

I did a lot of writing, reading, cleaning (hmm, that’s when I used to do laundry and clean the bathrooms, now I remember…), and even some relaxing (what?!). It was so peaceful for me! And she got the rest she needed.

(As opposed to now, when she’s not napping but soooooo needs it! But that’s another story.)

If only I had half that time free now!

Yet with all that napping, I do admit that sometimes I got a wee bit bored….

Just a little.

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