Never Ever Could I Handle Cloth Diapers!

I’d call my 3yo potty trained, but she still has accidents (okay … I’m almost 33 and … I admit it, I’ve had an accident from time to time … okay, maybe it’s genetic … oh shit what I have done to this child?!) occasionally. Very occasionally (you go, girl!). Pee I can deal with.

Poop? Forget it! Throw those nasty underwear away! To quote the mom in Andrea Beatty’s great book “Iggy Peck, Architect,” “That’s disgusting and nasty. It stinks!”

Squishy toddler poop? No thanks, not for me. Never, ever will I understand how people can handle cloth diapers. Are they desensitized? Did their olfactory glands shrivel up due to overexposure to poop?! The sight, the smell … too much for me. Thank God disposable diapers were invented.

For weaklings like me. I admit it.


4 thoughts on “Never Ever Could I Handle Cloth Diapers!

  1. I love cloth diapers more than anything else in the world, except maybe dog food. I only remember it being awful a couple of times, and those times would have been at least as awful in disposables since disposables leak more than cloth. I did love my Minishower.


    • Omg, I bow down to you…. The idea of scraping poop off a cloth diaper and then having to put that poop-stinking cloth in my washing machine (although I have heard there are services that clean cloth diapers – wowzers awesome!) is just too much. I accept that I am a weak one….!


      • Well, I dumped the poop into the toilet before I put it into the washing machine. The washing machine makes dirty things clean again, so I was happy with that. I could run empty bleach loads if I wanted, though. Diaper services did not exist in my area when my children were babies, but I know they do exist some places and that could be a good option for some folks. Man, you’re making me want to have another baby so I can bury my face in bright clean fluffy cotton fresh out of the dryer ❤

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  2. Back when I had my babies (and you know that was a while back 😉) I used cloth diapers during the day but disposable ones for the nights. My reason back then was to save money. If I was a new mom today I would still go with cloth diapers, but for a very different reason: they almost all contain phenoxyethanol, a commonly used preservative (you can look it up on Wikipedia). Now I don’t mean to scare you, but this is potentially nasty stuff: when my daughter became a teenager suddenly she started having her period every two weeks, real fun as you can imagine. This problem lasted for six months until we found the culprit: phenoxyethanol in her face cream! The day we chucked the product (bought at a pharmacy, mind you!) the problem stopped. A coincidence? I don’t think so. Back then I read in a consumer’s magazine that it was an endocrine disruptor. Now years later whenever she has accidentally used anything with phenoxyethanol (in shampoo for instance) the problem has surfaced again. Yes. Maybe it doesn’t have an effect on every single child, but it certainly did (and does) on her.

    Now, about the gross 😝cleaning: I just used to shake the diaper in the toilet bowl to loosen and get rid of the messy stuff before dropping it in a diaper pail. I have a young friend who adds a drop or two of tea-tree oil in the water. Gets rid of the smell plus it’s a good natural disinfectant.
    Can’t wait till she is potty-trained, right?


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