How To (Or Not?) Give a Kid an Allowance

My husband and I were talking about – okay, joking about – what we should do about our kids’ allowances (and no, at 3yo and 9mo they are nowhere close to allowances at the moment), and we came up with a pretty brilliant real-life solution at a todder’s level.

So let’s say we give our kid $1, but only in coins. We’ll give her the money, then promptly take away 50 cents for “taxes” (her college fund), then maybe 20 cents to go toward our mortgage, then 20 cents for bills and food, which will leave 10 cents for her little piggy bank. Hey, just like real life!

Hmm, life lessons AND a ten-cent allowance … pretty sweet deal for my childrens’ life and learning, I think. Maybe it’s not such a joke?!

What do you think? Crazy or smart?!

6 thoughts on “How To (Or Not?) Give a Kid an Allowance

  1. Sounds good to me. I will warn that neither of my children could deal with money any earlier than age 7. “Mommy I took it out to play with it and then I don’t know where it went”

    I like to get out $2 bills and 50-cent pieces to bribe my kids to do things. They enjoy the novelty.

    I am currently trying to figure out if it’s worth it to make my older one start a load of laundry after school every afternoon.

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    • Oh gosh, before 7…. They take coins out of their piggy bank?! My daughter’s is high up, so I hope she doesn’t get creative and try to climb up her dresser to get it down.

      Love the idea of novelty money! Great bribes. And yes to having kids do laundry! Definitely worth a try. Practice makes perfect, and soon enough it’ll become a habit.


      • Yeah, they take coins out of the piggy bank but I am talking about after they’re old enough to sort of know what money is, but not old enough to be responsible with taking care of it.

        I had to make a flowchart for my younger, slightly dyspraxic child to get dressed in the mornings, so I figured the older one could use the same idea for laundry. Flowcharts FTW! With cute clip art (a tip I learned from my boss, who doesn’t have children but does have to deal with bored cranky adults).

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