Toddler Talk Tuesdays: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Welcome to a new feature on Welcome To The Nursery! Because my adorable toddler says the most hilarious things all day (and that’s what toddlers are best at, along with making random, surreptitious messes), I decided to start sharing her wild words. Enjoy!

(Background: we’ve recently read The Emperor’s New Clothes from her big storybook collection, which she loved … though I wondered if she really understood everything from it.)

So I laid my darling 3yo down from her nap with the usual blankets and stuffed buddies, including her sock monkey, whom she previously dressed in one of her dresses. All seemed well.

When I went back into her room when she was “napping” (not actually napping, naturally), she was proudly holding up her now-bare monkey, Charlie.

3yo: “Charlie’s naked! He doesn’t have any clothes!”

Me: “Nope, he’s naked….” (Me thinking: at least you’re wearing clothes this time…)

3yo: “He’s like the emperor!”


2 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: The Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. The best part is, they keep saying hilarious things even when they’re long past toddlerhood. 😀 My preteen got a Harry Potter spellbook and wand as gifts and immediately exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, these will come in SO handy!” *Mommy tries not to fall on the floor laughing*

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