Is Every Child Obsessed With Poop? Or Just Mine?

Seriously, what it is with kids and poop? Why are they so obsessed with it? Talking, seeing, thinking … it’s always on my 3yo’s mind!

She asks me (why???), “Do you want to poop in my hands, mama?” (There was no prompting here, no talking about poop before this … we weren’t even in the bathroom!”

When my 9mo has a poopy diaper, my 3yo ALWAYS says to me, “Let me see that great looking poop!” And she indeed does want to have a look. (Is she comparing it to hers? I guess it might be a curious thing….)

When we have people over – grandparents, friends, whoever – and she has to go poop, she tells me in the bathroom, “I want to show [insert their name] my poop.” And I, of course, have to say, “No, we don’t show other people our poop, sorry honey.”

When she’s on the toilet and telling one of her rambling stories while she grunts and reddens, invariably the story swirls around the Pooping Giant. Now, I have no idea who this Pooping Giant is, but I reallllly hope it’s not me.

Once at the dinner table she told us, after eating her salmon, “I’m going to poop out salmon. It’s gonna be loud!” Great. Looking forward to it. (At least she sort of understands the digestive process.)

When she turns around to look at her poop after wiping, she likes to anthropomorphize it. Sometimes she says it looks like a certain animal, and other times she names them “a mommy poop, and a daddy poop, and a baby poop, and a me poop!” Okaaaay….

Who knows what’s next! (I’m guessing … a lot.)


One thought on “Is Every Child Obsessed With Poop? Or Just Mine?

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