Sweet Memories Friday: And the Perfect Baby Age Is …

… 8 months! I’ve just figured it out, and I’m pretty sure about this. Now that my little baby girl is a day shy of 9m and teething has just began, I think we’re passing into a stage where things get progressively harder. Having a 3yo also, experience tells me I’m likely right.

Let’s think about this:

  • she still naps well (soooo well! 3x a day! 3-4 hours total!)
  • she’s not waking up in the middle of the night from teething yet
  • she smiles all the time and to everyone
  • she’s learning fun new things continuously like waving and clapping and peekaboo and finding what she dropped
  • she isn’t mobile yet with crawling or walking so she isn’t getting into things (although the fingertip walking is certainly annoying)
  • she doesn’t talk back to me like her sister is increasingly doing

Win win win win win win win!!!!! I’m hugging her hard to slow tomorrow from arriving! Basically, I’m enjoying these sweet times now, as I know they’ll be a sweet memory before I can blink….

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