Things I Refuse To Do With Children In Tow

There’s a lot on this list, like clothes shopping for me (heck, even clothes shopping for them is difficult, but their presence is essential for sizing) and watching some sort of presentation or show. Or trying to fix something around the house….

Tops, though, is grocery shopping when it’s raining outside. Let’s get real: getting groceries with two kids is hard enough – between trying to fit them either in the cart or just one in the cart and then trying to get everything on my list despite their distractions, I sort of lose my mind.

Throw rain in the mix, and I can’t. I just can’t. They get rained on from the car to the store. (And we all know it’s not fast to get kids out of their carseat and into the car, and then buckled back up at the end.) The groceries get rained on when I’m buckling them in. get soaked while moving the kids and food.

I’m done…. Glad I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, because I just wait for a dry day!

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