Toddler Talk Tuesday: All About Boogers!

My 9mo baby was on her tummy on her big sister’s bed and wiping her nose – which had a few crusty boogers inside – on the sheets, so I said, “Sweetie, don’t wipe your boogers on your sister’s bed!” (As if she’s going to listen, I know.)

Hilariously, the following conversation ensued:

3yo: “I always put my boogers in my mouth at nighttime.”

Me: “Really?!”

3yo: “Yeah, when I’m sitting at night I always put them in my mouth.”

Me: “Why?!”

3yo: “Because I like to! Do you want to see?”  Then she proceeds to fake pick her nose and wipe her finger on her tongue … calmly, as only a toddler can.

You can be sure we had a manners conversation – after I stopped laughing!


2 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: All About Boogers!

    • Oh geez…. I used to do the same thing! I was going to mention it, but I was a little embarrassed….

      Interestingly, that same bed is now in my home’s guest bedroom, but it’s been scraped clean. Uh oh, now the in-laws know!!!


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