Don’t Bite the [Mmm-hmm] That Feeds You, Baby!

There’s that saying … don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Very apropos in life – a worthy proverb everyone learns at a young age.

But how do we teach our wee babies the, um, breastfeeding version of this? I.e., don’t bite the boob that feeds you! OUCH!

I pretty much take it as a sign that when the biting starts, mealtime is over, kiddo.  Sigh … and there’s only one tooth so far….


8 thoughts on “Don’t Bite the [Mmm-hmm] That Feeds You, Baby!

  1. How old is she? I found that my breast-fed babies (unfortunately the first one was deprived of it, silly me, should never have listened to my mother…) grew their teeth later than their older brother, six months instead of four.


  2. She’s almost 10m now. She has been biting for a good three weeks, although she’s mostly given me a reprieve the last week so they can heal. Ouch, they were hurting!!! That is fascinating that breast-fed babies teethe later. My second is getting teeth later, but both were breast-fed.

    Thanks for stopping by! Love the name Joelle – that was my “adopted name” in french class growing up!

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