Sweet Memories Friday: Bedtime With Just One Baby

Sometimes I feel bad for my toddler as she’s pushed aside (metaphorically, obviously) to make room for baby #2; I do also feel bad for my baby because she hasn’t had the level of attention that her older sister had, but she doesn’t know any better.

Every night now we have the same routine: I nurse and put to sleep our now-nine-month-old girl while my husband reads to our 3yo and lays her down to sleep. Occasionally the baby is asleep while they’re still reading, and I can sneak into her room for a few minutes together, but mostly we use man-to-man coverage to handle bedtime. It’s just easiest for us.

(Soon we’ll figure out how to do bedtime together – sooner rather than later, I hope, for all our sakes.)

I really miss having bedtime with our first daughter. We used to all read together, her sitting on one of our laps in the rocking chair – or later her windowseat when she moved into her “big girl room” – and it was a quiet bonding time. I felt like we were all in this together, and we truly felt like a family unit. I fondly remember those non-hectic nights….

Now, it feels a bit like triage at times.

But we’ll get back to that space … soon ….


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