When Kids Wonder When Mom and Dad Fall Asleep….

Tonight, as I was laying my toddler down to sleep for the night, she asked what I was going to do. UH OH!

(I told her I was going to sleep after she fell asleep … which is technically true.)

I kind of live in fear of the day she realizes her dad and I stay awake for several hours after her bedtime. When she finds out we have fun without her, oh man! Will she come downstairs to play with us? Will she refuse to sleep until we go to bed? Or will she accept that mom and dad need less sleep (well, really we just have lots of sh&* to do when kids aren’t around / TV to watch / hobbies to keep up) than kids do? My plan is to tell her kids can stay up a little later each year they get older, so it follows that we grown-ups stay up late.

But for now, how long can we keep up the charade that mom and dad go to sleep right after her and her sister do?!

As an aside, her dad and I have often joked that after the girls go to bed, we should arrange all their toys around the house in scenes (build a big block tower with all their blocks, set up a tea party with play food and their stuffed animals, arrange their princesses on a table, etc.). It’s hilarious, but also cruel since she puts away her toys before bed … so I think we’ll avoid a Charles Manson situation …!


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