Speed Up = Slow Down (To a Toddler)

I know that I have very little patience at times … but what is it about toddlers sensing when you’re trying to hurry them up – you know, because we have to get somewhere or just generally don’t want to spend five minutes washing their hands after being on the toilet for fifteen minutes – but they either:

  • move at a glacial pace,
  • move in the opposite direction, or
  • just stop moving altogether.

Very productive, child! At times, I’m sure this is deliberately delaying something they don’t want, like when she asks for a sip of water or says she has to pee (it’s usually just a small sprinkle) when she’s in her room for a nap.

However, the other times are, I think, a toddler fighting a parent’s motions to hurry up. Example: when dad’s away on travel, I have to put both her and her sister to sleep on a decent timetable, so of course she pulls on her pajamas soooooo slowly and climbs onto her bed as if it’s freaking Mount Everest. Cue eyeroll!

I’m still working on this patience thing … it’s coming slowly….


One thought on “Speed Up = Slow Down (To a Toddler)

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