Sorry Arya, We Have Our Own Underfoot

Fans of the Game of Thrones books laugh at Arya Stark‘s nickname “Underfoot,” so chosen because of her propensity to stay near and get tangled around the legs of adults at Winterfell castle.

But lemme tell ya, Arya had nothin’ on my little 3yo! She is always in my way!…

… when I’m in the kitchen trying to get dinner cooked before she and her little sister start flipping out

… when I’m trying to walk from point A to B … basically any time, all the time

… when I’m on my way to the bathroom to have a rare pee by myself

… when I’m walking up or down the stairs to do something rather essential like pick up her crying sister from her crib or get a ringing phone, etc.

Basically, anytime I want/need to get anywhere in a sort of quick period of time, there’s a tiny human trying to trip me. Well, you know what I mean.

Give mama some space, kiddo!


One thought on “Sorry Arya, We Have Our Own Underfoot

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