Sign #492 You’re a Mom …

… is you randomly have the urge to watch an episode of Sofia the First.

Without your kid.


Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed. But it’s kind of a fun show. It’s cute, there’s a plot, there are castles and princesses … every little kid inside thinks that’s cool. And it’s a little more uplifting than The Walking Dead, let’s be honest.

And I kind of really want to know what happens next (or as our 3yo says, “What’s gonna happen?!”) … and how little Sophia really became a princess overnight (where the HELL is the pilot episode, Netflix? WHERE?!). Since my daughter likes to watch the same few episodes over and over until she wants to try a new one, I’m usually a little bored.

But, sigh, I have to wait for my 3yo to watch it … because I know she’ll be sad if she found out I watched it without her!

2 thoughts on “Sign #492 You’re a Mom …

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