Here’s a Fun Drinking Game… *

So I’ve decided that our dinnertime is pretty much a shit show.

Don’t get me wrong – nutritionally, we do a really great job, I think. We start off with a vegetable course, and once my daughter is finished with hers we serve protein, and once she finishes that we serve a carbohydrate. And we cook dinner from scratch 99% of the time.

But … OMG, I am a freaking jack-in-the-box come dinnertime! I’m up and down so much my chair is stone cold by the end of the meal. Do you think I’m joking? Sadly, no! I get up when:

  1. The next course needs serving.
  2. Toddler needs more water because she drank it all.
  3. Toddler wants ice in her water.
  4. I forgot to take out the cheese grater.
  5. Toddler needs ketchup to eat her chicken.
  6. Toddler requests relish for her chicken, too.
  7. Baby’s vegetables, cut up on my plate, are cool enough to be put on her tray.
  8. I need a new napkin because I just used mine to wipe up toddler’s spilled water/food or baby’s face (because I forgot to get a wet paper towel ready earlier, just in case).
  9. I want another piece of meat or serving of pasta/rice/etc that’s on the counter. Or husband or toddler wants more. Yes, I sit closest to the kitchen counter.
  10. Baby has refused to eat what I served her, and now I have to find some other food for her. Cue: baby puffs!
  11. Toddler has refused to eat her meat or something – usually something delicious like homemade macaroni and cheese … I mean, come on! – and I have to figure out something else for her to eat. You know, in case she starves.
  12. Toddler has to pee or poop. Off to the bathroom!
  13. Baby’s goes red, she grunts, and out pops a smelly turd. Cries ensue … time for a diaper change!
  14. I need to pop my food in the microwave because it’s cool.
  15. Toddler and baby are done eating, so I need to wipe them and get them down.
  16. I get up to … wait, no, I can eat my dinner now.

So, I think I need to start counting the number of times I get up during a meal. This is the making of a drinking game* to best any college student’s favorite!

Good thing I don’t mind cold food anymore. Much.


*JUST KIDDING … I do not condone drinking while kids are awake. Although once they’re in bed … pop that cork, papa!


2 thoughts on “Here’s a Fun Drinking Game… *

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