Sweet Memories Friday: Sisterly Hugs and Kisses

My toddler is just a bit over three years old, but she only recently learned how to actually kiss. Previously she could only blow kisses – and by blow a kiss I mean make a “mmwah!” sound and move her hand from her lips.

Now she can smack her lips like a real kiss! Hurray! So what does she do?

Mostly – so very sweetly – she gives her father and I hugs and kisses … a lot! And she asks for them, too:

In the middle of dinner. When we’re cooking in the kitchen. When she’s on the toilet. When she’s brushing her teeth. When we’re reading to her. When she’s laying in bed for a nap or bedtime to delay its onset.

All this is very cute; I wouldn’t trade her tight hugs and kisses for anything! (Even if sometimes she just hugs my thigh and kisses my butt when I’m standing, which is at her level … that is a bit weird, though.) I’m well aware this desire for and to give love will fade as she ages, so I eagerly eat it up and encourage her. These sweet times are imprinting on me forever!

My favorite affectionate moments, though? The hugs and kisses she now gives her little sister. I adore her sisterly love! There may be nothing more heartwarming to a mother than seeing her kids’ love for each other. My 9mo takes it all in stride, and I’m nearly salivating to see her return the hugs. They will certainly be well received!


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