Sunday Special: Is Sunday School a Preview to Pre-K?

We started bringing Toddler to Sunday School in September. It starts at 9am…. During the weekday, 9am is when Baby goes down for her first nap … and Toddler isn’t even dressed yet. I’m only dressed if one of them hasn’t woken up super early to prevent me from getting ready before they wake. So 9am is kind of early for us.

Luckily, my husband is home on the weekend and helps me get Toddler ready while I get dressed. I can lay Baby down for her nap and zip out the door.

Yet we’re always rushing, always stressing. Twice last month we didn’t make it because we slept in (I know, I know, WHAT?! It happened … the kids are now our alarm clocks and they didn’t ring until 8am!) and had a house guest.

Mornings are just hard.

So I kind of fear preschool (though I’m secretly really stoked for her to start it, whenever she does, so I can finally have a bit of a break during the day … though I’m sure it’ll never end up like that!) because I’m guessing every morning will be a hectic shitshow, and I’ll have no extra parental help. Will we make it? Or will I be that mom who’s always late, even now, even 2 kids later?

Let’s hope these Sunday mornings are a useful warmup to get us ready for prime time…. ‘Cause really, I just want this whole pre-k thing to work out!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Special: Is Sunday School a Preview to Pre-K?

  1. OMG! IT brought back memories of my Father always saying…”Hurry up, you’re making us late!!! And then me saying to my kids, ‘hey, I’ve got to drive and you’re making me crazy!” I do not know who that parent is who can pull it off!

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