Baby Clothes … Who Sizes These?!

I’m doing it again I’m ranting on Carter’s. Yes, their clothes are adorable! So many cute animals embroidered on their PJs! So many funny shirt sayings! Such darling floral prints!

But seriously guys … can you please get your sizing correct?! Baby is now 9.5m old and can fit comfortably into 6m pants (the footed ones with such freaking cute animal faces on them) and 18m pants. That’s a year difference!


Cute little kitty pants! Irresistible!

Same age, same brand … Carter’s, can you please make your sizing consistent so I can figure out what the heck to buy for my kids?! No wonder I end up with pants that are long enough for a supermodel and shirts with sleeves ending at their elbows. I think I’m getting the right size, but no….

Aw crap, I just went to their website to check the link and found a ridiculous 25%+50% off sale. Ugh … of course I’m going to buy something now … we need size 9.5 winter boots for Toddler, size 12m PJs for Baby, maybe some size 4.5 winter boots for Baby….

4 thoughts on “Baby Clothes … Who Sizes These?!

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