Sweet Memories Friday: An Early (Napless) Black Friday for Me

It’s been a year now since my otherwise lovely three-year-old daughter started her naptime struggles. She’s napped off and on since then, sometimes more easily than others. I guess it’s time for her to stop, though it’s really, really hard for me to accept.

Because, let’s face it, naptime is really for moms! (At least after awhile.)

Toddler needs to nap somedays, because by dinnertime she’s really working hard to stay awake, but other days she’s just fine. I guess that’s the sign the time is right.

She used to just drop like a boulder onto her pillow for naptime, after we read a few books and relaxed. Literally, it would take ten minutes max for her to fall asleep, and boom – I’d have a chance to finish my lunch, do some laundry, surf the net … maybe pee…. I was livin’ the dream!

But today I’m not laying her down for a nap. I’ve just given up the fight. I’m sick of trying to get her to stay quiet, stay laying down in her bed, and close her eyes. The 45 minutes daily, all the while trying not to wake up her little baby sister, are just too much stress for me. I’m done. DONE!

Today she’s having some real quiet time – downstairs – while I put in a load of laundry and change the dishes. (And write this.) Phew!

My stress level? Lower than the seas!

And maybe she’ll fall asleep in the car on the way to or back from the park this afternoon. One can dream….



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