Her Five Favorite Songs

Our house is usually full of song – or songs, more like it. Toddler used to stay mute when prompted to sing songs with others at story time or at home. But who really likes lame-o songs like The Itsy Bitsy Spider, anyway?! Bring on the Beatles!

Now that she listens to songs that are fun for her (usually from movies she likes, such as Sleeping Beauty and Yellow Submarine), she can remember all the words. Amazing! Of course, she does mess up some words, but she can say “kaleidoscope eyes,” so I think overall she’s pretty brilliant!

Here are her top five favorite songs to sing – what are your child’s?

  1. Once Upon a Dream (from Sleeping Beauty)
  2. Yellow Submarine
  3. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
  4. the Alphabet song
  5. Happy Birthday

3 thoughts on “Her Five Favorite Songs

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