Is My Baby is a Pterodactyl?

I admit that I amuse myself sometimes by trying to figure out what animal my baby sounds most like (my mind wanders when nursing!). I thought my first baby girl sounded like the heir of Slytherin, but baby #2 has a bit of a different sound.

When she was a newborn she squeaked, hence her nickname “Squeaker,” which Toddler can’t pronounce correctly – so she’s been “Seeker” ever since.

Now she makes pterodactpterodactyl-220150601-10869-1keb5bi_960xyl noises variously (shrieks, really, but if pterodactyls were still alive today I’m sure Baby would fit right into their flock), and occasionally sounds like an extra to the cast of The Walking Dead. (Maybe all babies sound like zombies at times, such as when they’re concentrating too hard on reaching for something or gumming something to make a fully formed sound; I’ll cut them some slack.)

What does your baby sound like??



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