Life Through a Baby’s Eyes

I really wonder sometimes what life is like from my baby’s perspective – literally.

They are so small compared to us, so what would it be like to be so tiny compared to a big, tall parent? Proportionally, it would be like us hanging around a 12-15′ giant (giantess, excuse me – with huge boobs!), whose head would hit somewhere in the middle of the second story of the house.

This giantess would carry you around in her big arms with monster paw hands doing everything from stuffing you in itty bitty clothes to wiping your nose with an equally mammoth Kleenex. Yikes.

But the funniest – scariest – image is of that giant reaching down to my level and scooping me up under my armpits … then lifting me up to a frightening height! Because really, from a mother’s hips to the floor is quite a height for a baby. Can you imagine this through their eyes? Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?

Yes, yes … this is the sort of crazy thoughts that pop into my head when I’m rocking Baby to sleep for what feels like hours or nursing her for the thousandth time in her life (actually, we’re likely north of 1,500 if my estimation is correct). Motherhood delirium?

What kind of silly thoughts do you come up with?!


2 thoughts on “Life Through a Baby’s Eyes

  1. Hi! When my first baby (who will be turning 33 next week, oh my, how time flies) was little, I started looking at things differently, and one of the things that really struck me was TV watching, especially at commercial breaks. Just to get an idea, I turned off the sound (assuming a baby cannot understand what is being said) and watched the pictures… Wow! What kind of a world are we projecting here? Did you ever wonder about this?

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