Talking Tina is Coming…

My 3yo has a cute stuffed Sofia the First doll (we’re a bit obsessed over here), and usually she loves her and totes her pretty much everywhere. She’s starting to smell like stale breath, so obviously my daughter hugs her close at night.

But … she also kind of abuses her, too. Not in a scary way, but she sometimes smashes her face and bites her face and hair. Literally, she will punch her doll and say, “I’m hitting Sofia!”

Umm … should I be worried?!

We tell her not to hit her doll and occasionally count her (we give her up to 3 “counts” before a time-out as our method of disciplining). And she listens for a while.

But sometimes I kind of fear little Sofia is going to turn into Talking Tina from The Twilight Zone! Did any of you see this episode? (It’s one of the few Twilight Zone episodes I’ve seen.) It’s ridiculously freaky.


All I’m saying is, this little doll better not trip my little girl on the stairs!!!!!! Needless to say, I don’t think I’m going to get her another doll for Christmas.

Do your kids abuse their toys/dolls? What do you do about it?


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