Baby “Essentials”: Are They?

One of my favorite things to do when I get a baby shower invitation is peruse the parents’ registry. After having two babies, I think I’m a pretty good judge of what you need and don’t need to buy. I mean, to each their own, but a wipes warmer? Come on. But a cool mist humidifier? Turns out that’s incredibly handy when baby gets sick.

Usually those lists have a good 25% of crap on them – stuff you’ll never use but are impulse buys thanks to Babies R Us’s “Must-Have!!!” list and ignorance on the part of first-time parents. Because, you know, if you don’t get the swing that rotates, gyrates, shakes, and bakes all in one gizmo your baby’s gonna die. Or at least not sleep ’til she’s five. I have a good laugh at all these items.

So on that list of crap is the combined baby food steamer/blender/storage machine thingie. My feeling has always been, I have a blender and an immersion blender for my food, so why do I need a special baby food blender? And I have pots and pans to cook the food, so why do I need this special steamer thingie? I don’t. NO one does.

In fact, baby #1 survived eating my homemade purees cooked in my pots, pureed with my immersion blender, and frozen in awesome 1-oz square silicone ice cube trays we use for everything.

But … I kind of changed my mind with baby #2. A while ago I tried to make apricot puree. With three apricots (which are tiny, remember), I got barely three cubes. And man oh man, was it a pain to use an immersion blender for that little amount of food! I could barely get the blades to graze the top surface.

Waste of time.

I admit it! I kind of wanted that little blender right then to make my life easier when I just want/need to make a small batch of baby food … but can I justify its three-figure cost? Probably not. I’ll just buy – gasp – some jarred baby food instead for a buck and a few pennies … and save time and my sanity!

So I’ll still laugh at a registry with three baby play mats and valence curtains … but I might let some things slide – live and learn….


3 thoughts on “Baby “Essentials”: Are They?

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