Unlike Cocktails, You Can’t Mix Babies and Parties

It’s the truth. The sad, sad truth.

Kids and parties just don’t mix – because you can’t enjoy a party if you have a kid with you. Especially if you have 2+ kids with you. It’s just not a party anymore – it’s glorified babysitting.

(Also called parenting.)

Those parties you’re invited to when the host says kids are invited, or maybe it’s your same old group of friends you’ve always had but now suddenly there are ten tiny humans in the mix as well … just know up front that you’ll be parenting/babysitting in another person’s house, that’s all. There is no fun. There is no drinking (maybe one). Add sugar to the mix and you’re pretty much just chasing monsters for a few hours with diaper changes mixed in.

Yeah, those antics used to be funny when it was your college roommate and you were both far past tipsy, but now you’re the only sober one and the one running will have to be cleaned up and rocked to sleep later as the high wears down and withdrawal hits.

Bring on the holiday parties!!


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