Sweet Memories Friday: Sisters, Sisters … There Were Never Such Adoring Sisters!

Seems like I write a lot lately about my two daughters and their antics, good or bad. I guess that’s my life now! They are finally starting to play together, at 3+yo and 10mo. This is sort of the dream, isn’t it? Your kids playing together – quietly, nicely (still working on that – big sister knocked her little sister over last night and she fell like Neville Longbottom after Hermione gave him the ‘ole full-body bind hex) – while you sip coffee in the next room and contemplate just how many minutes you want to spend peeing in the bathroom.

Okay, so I’m a little way away from that.

But they are finally, seriously, interacting! Baby is obsessed with playing peekaboo, and her favorite “scare object” is her big sister – who genuinely laughs uproariously when Baby pops her head around the shower curtain or around an opened book. And my prompts of, “Where’s your sister?! Where is she?!” helps goad the game.

And we are all rewarded! Yesterday baby was bent doubled over Toddler’s kid chair and kept burying her head on the seat, then popping it up with a huge two-toothed grin and dimples blazing to her sister’s delight.

But I’m pretty sure I had the most fun with this game. When daddy came home, he took a little video, but I recorded it in my head hours earlier. So sweet! Now let’s just hope mommy brain doesn’t erase it.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Sisters, Sisters … There Were Never Such Adoring Sisters!

  1. Tears came to my eyes as I read this lovely interlude of sisterhood. These are the times stay at home Moms reap the rewards for all the unending work and attention. Beautiful!

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