Can We EVER Play Together, Toddler?!

There’s a couple boxes of Legos at the top of our kid’s closet from my husband’s and my childhood. Those were probably our favorite toys growing up, and we honestly cannot wait to build again – with our kids, I mean, ahem.

So will we ever? Let’s see … Baby is currently at a stage where everything she plays with goes in her mouth, so playing with her drool-moistened toys is unappealing (not to mention Legos are obviously too small for her to play with). Toddler is moving beyond Mega Blocks and will enjoy Legos soon, we think …

… but she mostly won’t let us play with her! Literally! We can’t touch any of her toys! If we are to even go near a doll or little princess she has laid out, not to mention actually reach for one, she yells, “I’m working on a set-up! You can’t play with that!”


This little girl could be ours … “They’re MINE! You can’t have them!”

Basically we’re left out in the cold. Kind of sad! Lonely. So what can we do? (Short of encouraging her to share, obviously.)

Well, we just watch her and ask questions about what she’s doing, ask if we can help her with anything, help her do something like fit tiny glass slippers on her Barbie after she initially refuses help but then begs once she gets frustrated, play with Baby, and occasionally get into a game of hide-and-go-seek.

And, of course, daydream about the Lego planes, houses, and castles we’ll be building together one day … one day … please….


5 thoughts on “Can We EVER Play Together, Toddler?!

  1. Ahhhh she’s an independent little missy. Well, it’s nice she does want to do things for herself. I am sure it’s just a phase and she will want to engage and play more as she gets older. Does she go to nursery at all?


    • She never used to be independent, which is why it’s caught me by surprise a bit. I hope it’s a phase, yes. She likes to play things like hide and seek with us, but God forbid we touch her toys…!

      No, but we want to put her in preschool in January. Hopefully that will help?!


  2. Work on a set-up? Like she is making a play set to do a play or something? Wow, it’s really interesting that she has these set-ups in her head! So no touching, eh? Does she let others touch her stuff, like family? Aunts? Must be a phase!

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