I’m Raising a Budding Writer! (She Says With a Grin)

We read a lot around here – daddy, mommy, Toddler, and Baby (well, she flips through the books and hears me read to Toddler – we don’t actually read to her much yet … I gotta get on that, actually). Toddler has memorized probably 100 books because we’ve read them so much. (Her memory is actually freakishly good.) I’m guessing we’ve read multiple hundreds of books so far.

The benefits are obvious, and one of them is Toddler’s pretty impressive vocabulary (more on that another day). Her phraseology is pretty good, too, except that her pronoun usage and past tense verbs are still spotty. And it’s really awesome when she repeats phrases from books and fits them logically into conversation.

My favorite part lately? She talks to her buddies (stuffed animals) and literally narrates their actions. Example: she held up her stuffed sock monkey and said, “‘How do you think your monkey looks?’ said Charlie with a smile.”


She can even use adverbs. Another time she said, “‘Let’s go to the ball!’ Sofia said excitedly.”

As a writer (can I call myself that?) myself, I’m beyond thrilled at the way her imagination works and how she uses words. I hope she’s dreaming big!

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