These Crayons Are … NAKED!

Have you read The Day the Crayons Quit with your kids? It is highly entertaining and well illustrated (using … crayons, duh) as well. I highly recommend using a different voice for each color.

So what’s the most popular page in our household? Peach crayon’s page, naturally, because peach crayon is naked, and toddlers love nakedness, right?

What’s a naked crayon, you ask?


These. These are naked crayons. This is the state of almost every crayon in our house now, even the special crayons we made at the Crayola factory in Easton, PA, that had the cool custom labels we made for Toddler (“Squisher Pants Blue,” “Vert de Bonsai,” and “XYMMZM,” which was her choice of course).

Why? Why a naked crayon?!

Because Toddler is obsessed with poor peach crayon and her condition (“Help! I’m naked and too embarrassed to leave the crayon box! I don’t even have any underwear! How would YOU like to go to school naked?!”), I guess she wants all her crayons to feel the pain. But doesn’t she understand peach crayon’s plight and want the crayons to be happy, and therefore clothed?!


So now there are little paper wrapping pieces all around her craft table. Awesome. And I can’t tell which is red-violet and violet-red or which is indigo versus blue-violet!!! Ahh, the chaos!

Great book, though….



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