Sweet – Nope, Sick Memories Friday: We’ve Been Hit!

The facts: two adults, two kids (including one still-teething 10mo) – all sick.

I was thinking today that this could only be worse if all four of us were puking.

As it is, all of us are dripping snot like it’s the rainy season, our heads are hurting, our throats are sore and dry, and no one feels like doing anything other than laying around and sleeping. Today alone we watched both Yellow Submarine and Frozen (for the first time, amazingly – great decor and costumes, too much singing, yecch).

Wait, scratch that. The kids feel like doing something else. Toddler is still running around like crazy … alternating between searching for Blue Meanies and “running away” so she doesn’t freeze anyone (a la Elsa). And Baby is … suffering, just suffering. Well, and therefore I’m suffering. She won’t fall asleep in her crib by herself and will only nap on me and cry herself to sleep at night (and refusing all other comfort – awesome). It’s been a real sh** show come bedtime, pardon mon français.

I’d like to share a sweet memory today, but alas I cannot. My sinus are pulling down my brain cells and all I can think about is this dang cold. So it’s a sick memory today – and don’t we moms all remember the epic plagues to hit our households? This one is going into the record books for near-max discomfort.

(Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse!)


2 thoughts on “Sweet – Nope, Sick Memories Friday: We’ve Been Hit!

  1. Oh no! That’s pretty rubbish. It’s that time of year again where it’s not even safe to leave the house as you risk picking up some nasty bug. We got invited to a children’s party this Sunday but I’m ducking out because I darent risk it this close to Christmas. Is that bad?


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