Have Kids? Ditch the Alarm Clock!

So which parent among us actually uses an alarm clock? (Except to go to work, if you do.) Anyone with their hands raised???

Mine is down.

Why? Because my kids are my alarm clock! They are up at the same time every day (which changes with the seasons, but day-to-day it’s the same), so why use an alarm clock?

Except …

… that one day when you do have to be somewhere in the morning, whether it’s Sunday School or just an event at the library … then, of course, your kid decides to sleep in til 8:00. And you, too, of course, sleep that long because you didn’t set your alarm and are pretty much always tired. Cue the rushing around….

It’s natural that the only time I get to sleep in is when I really shouldn’t! Why can’t they sleep in on a Saturday morning?


3 thoughts on “Have Kids? Ditch the Alarm Clock!

    • Yeah … it really sucks, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder if you REALLY enjoyed sleeping in B.C. (Before Children) I don’t think I fully appreciated it then, do you?! We should probably all go to bed earlier so we’re more rested … as if we could do that!!!

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      • I really did take sleep for granted, what I wouldn’t give for a lie in. I have done the going to bed early thing on a few occasions, but most of the time I have too much to do! It’s when the little ones go to bed that you get your chance to tick off things from your to-do list.


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